Stay tuned

We really can’t wait to safely mingle again and are furiously planning our next events.

The temperatures are getting more comfortable…how about a hike?! We can only dream at this point, but stay tuned! Some impressions from our last hikes.

The Stammtisch is also waiting for a re-re-boot. Fingers crossed it will happen in October.

E-mails will go out to all the Swiss Club members, as usual. If you would like to get updates on the Stammtisch gatherings, don’t hesitate to put your e-mail address on the Stammtisch mailing list.

Hope to see you very soon!


Dear Swiss Citizens,

With a heavy heart, we have to inform you that due to the new State of Emergency in Tokyo and the current situation with Covid-19, the Swiss National Day Celebration (co-hosted by the Swiss Club Tokyo, the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan and the Embassy of Switzerland) has to be cancelled.

Believe us, we did not make this decision lightly! A lot of work has already gone into the organization of the event, and it pains us to pull the plug — but after careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that cancellation is the best course of action under the given circumstances.

Let’s hope that we will be able to organize major get-together events again in the not too distant future!

Best wishes and stay healthy!

Swiss National Day Celebration

We are happy to announce that the Swiss Club Tokyo, the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan and the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan are planning a Swiss National Day Celebration for Sunday, 1. August from 17:00 to 21:00 at the Keio Floral Garden “Ange”. And this time, we will have the pleasure to welcome Ambassador Andreas Baum in our midst as a guest of honor!

We are aware that these are difficult times, and organizing an event with a considerable number of guests is quite a challenge. We will do our best to adjust the format of the party in such a way, as to adhere to the current recommendations/regulations concerning the Covid-19 situation (physical distancing, hygiene, personal protection, etc.).
For details, please refer to the enclosed leaflet and application form.

Swiss Club Members, as well as members of the SCCIJ and the Japan Swiss Society, benefit from a considerably reduced admission fee of only JPY 3,000 as compared to JPY 5,000 for non-members.
If you are not a member of the Swiss Club Tokyo, but would like to take advantage of this special opportunity, please apply for membership and add the annual membership fee to the admission fee for the event (a membership application form is also attached to this message). 
Annual membership fees: JPY 3000 for individuals, JPY 5000 for family (includes spouse and children), and JPY 2000 for students.

Depending on developments regarding the ongoing situation with Covid-19, a last-minute cancellation of the event cannot be ruled out entirely! Therefore, in order to avoid undue hassle with refunds, admission fees will be collected upon registration at the venue. Thank you for your understanding!

I hope to see you at the party!

Spring Hike Kamakura

Looking for safe activities in 2020, the Swiss Club Tokyo discovered hiking. It was a huge success! So much so that we have decided to make spring and autumn hiking a regular thing.

Unsurprisingly, the first spring hike of this year was booked out right away. Most certainly because of where it led us: the gorgeous Kamakura area is brimming with culture, where luscious green hills meet the deep blue ocean just a stone-throw away from Tokyo.

After a stroll through the bustling town, we ascended through thick greenery and soon reached the Mandarado Yagura Caves. Yaguras are man-made caves that were used to perform memorial services between the 13th and the 15th century and the cluster in Kamakura is the biggest one.

Lunch – “finally!”, said the kids. Overlooking the foothills, the town, and the ocean, we rested at the most scenic spot.

With the third state of emergency upon us, we decided to forgo sitting together for a beer but instead passed by an authentic German bakery before ending the official part in the town centre, to make further individual exploration convenient.

Another gorgeous day out with inspiring conversations and a great atmosphere, looking forward to the next one!

Spring Newsletter 2021

Needless to say that the ongoing situation with Covid-19 makes it rather difficult to plan and organize activities and events. In 2020, we focussed on outdoor activities; and we managed to find outside locations for all our main events (the Annual General Meeting, the 1. August celebration and the Christmas party).

Also, we moved the Stammtisch – our monthly get-together – to a terrace in Nihonbashi, while the freshly introduced hiking outings in fall became an instant hit.

This year, in the first week of March, we went ahead with our traditional ski week in the Shiga Kogen area, which was yet again a lot of fun and a huge success. Please check out the tab with the highlights of our ski holiday! Hopefully, it wets your appetite for next year!

And what’s in store for this year?

I guess we will continue in the same vein – while carefully assessing the situation at hand and adjusting to it.

The first spring hike was fully booked within one day. But no worries – there will be more to come!

Our Annual General Meeting (for members only) is roughly scheduled for the first half of June, and we might be able to use the Garden of the Swiss Residence for the occasion – provided there is no state of emergency at the time. If circumstances should prove to be too severe, an online-meeting (Zoom or similar) is not out of the question.

This year again, we can probably celebrate the 1. August on the proper date, as it falls on a Sunday. As for the venue, we plan to book the Keio Floral Garden Ange like in the last 2 years. The same holds true for our Christmas event with Santa!

We have a few other potential activities in mind, like some “Seaside Fun” at Yokohama Umi no Koen (Seaside Park), a summer experience weekend in the Japanese Alps, etc. etc. However, these are still rough ideas that need quite a bit of work. So, no promises… but we will try our best!

And we could use some help: If you have any ideas and suggestions – or even better – if you would like to play an active role in the Swiss Club, please let us know!

All the best and good health!

Stammtisch NEWS!

Our monthly get-together, the “Stammtisch”, has been reactivated!

However, because of the current quasi-state of emergency, the Restaurant will close at 20:00, with last orders at 19:00!
We start at 17:30, which still gives us about 2 1/2 hours to sit together and chat.
The maximum number of participants will be limited to 10 people, and masks must be worn at all times, except for food and beverage intake.

The restaurant Gino Sorbillo Artista Pizza Napoletana (Terrace) is located in the Coredo Muromachi Building very close to exit No. A8 of Mitsukoshimae Station.

Niseko Summer Vacation Deals!

Kacy Gambin of Vacation Niseko has contacted us with the following interesting offers for the coming summer season:

While better known for the winter season, Niseko is a fantastic place for families to visit in summer: think cool temperatures, delicious food, fun activities like rafting, hiking, golf, high-rope courses, cycling and more.

We are currently offering up to 30% off short stays in our self-contained accommodations:

And special rates for long stays if families would like to stay for an extended period of time for a ‘workation‘ or for school holidays:

If you have any questions, please contact Kacey Gambin of Vacation Niseko directly.

Kacey Gambin ギャンビン ケイシー
Vacation Niseko Marketing Officer
T +81(0) 136-21-2500 | F +81(0) 136-21-5021

Swiss Club Tokyo Ski Week 2021 – Some Highlights!

Like every year, some of our ski and snowboard enthusiasts got together for the traditional Swiss Club Ski Week in Shiga Kogen (27. Feb. – 5. March).

As usual, we stayed at the Hotel Alpenburg, which offers comfortable accommodation in a cozy setting, great food and a hot spring with an outside bath.

Watch our video compilation on vimeo:

And here some pictures to wet your appetite for next year…

Panorama from Terakoya

Multilingual consultation and Corona support

The Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation “TSUNAGARI” was established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on October 1, 2020, and they seem to offer multilingual service (in 14 languages) for foreign residents living in Tokyo.
I believe this might be of interest to some of you, even if you understand and speak some Japanese!

Tokyo Multilingual Consultation Navi

When foreigners living in Tokyo have problems in their daily lives, they often do not know who to consult with. We accept such consultations, provide the necessary information, and connect them to appropriate organizations according to their needs.

In addition, we deal with cases that are difficult to respond to at each city’s foreign consultation desk, such as minority language and expert consultation. We also provide interpretation support when language support is inadequate at the destination organization.

Open hours: 10 am to 4 pm (weekdays only, excluding weekends and holidays)

Telephone: 03-6258-1227

Supported languages: 14 (Plain Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Nepalese, Hindi, Thai, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, French, Russian)

Tokyo Coronavirus Support Center for Foreign Residents (TOCOS)

With the spread of new coronavirus infections, we have established an emergency support center to deal with diverse inquiries from foreigners (who do not use Japanese as their mother tongue) regarding effects on their life and related concerns.

Open hours: 10 am to 5 pm (weekdays only, excluding weekends and holidays)

Telephone: 0120-296-004

Supported languages: 14 (Plain Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese,  Nepalese,  Indonesian, Tagalog,  Thai, Portuguese,  Spanish,  French,  Khmer,  Burmese)