Message from the president

Where do we go from here?

Covid-19 has changed our world dramatically — in particular with its huge impact on social life!
Now, what does this mean for a club like ours, that thrives on “real”, non-virtual interactions, such as at physical gatherings, parties, activities, etc. etc.?

As for Covid-19, we are far from being out of the woods, and a “new normal” has still to take shape. This situation has made it very difficult and outright stressful for us to organize safe events and activities.

Our 1. August celebration last year fell right within the second wave and I had to consider pulling the plug on the event several times. Only the fact that we could do it outdoors allowed us to go ahead with the event. The same again for the Outdoor Christmas in December, when the number of new infections was rising again.

Besides these celebrations we organized some outdoor activities, like the “Seaside Fun” event in summer and the “Kamakura Hikes” in fall.
All our activities attracted quite the crowd, proving that real social interaction is still very much in demand, particularly now, with Covid-19 fatigue slowly seeping in.

And there is of course the “Stammtisch”, our popular monthly get-together, which we moved to an outdoor terrace at Coredo Nihonbashi last year.
After an involuntary interruption during the winter months, we were finally able to re-launch the Stammtisch this March.

While carefully monitoring the ongoing situation and implementing measures for our protection, we will continue in this vein and will do our utmost to provide our fellow Swiss in Japan with some opportunities to get together.

If you have ideas for any kind of activity that could become part of our club life, particularly during these challenging times, please let us know!

In this spirit, I wish you all the best and good health!

Peter Woehrle
President Swiss Club Tokyo

Swiss Club Tokyo Peter