No doubt last year was quite a challenge: it was difficult to meet in person, events and activities had to be cancelled, and in the end it was only the hikes and a few Stammtisch gatherings that gave our club a semblance of “life”.

Being cautiously optimistic, I believe we can go ahead planning some of our regular events. The Stammtisch is definitely on again, and we are slowly getting ready for the Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled for June 8, 18:00 at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Tokyo (the AGM is a “members only” event, but it is of course possible to join the club on that occasion).

On Sunday, May 15, we successfully launched our new activity, the Family Picnic at a riverside park in Futako Tamagawa. Like the “Hikes”, the Family Picnic is meant to be a casual gathering where you bring your own food and drinks. The main purpose is to give families with a Swiss background a chance to get together, share and exchange. This being said, anybody is welcome to join.

Family Picnic in Futako Tamagawa

With the KEIO Floral Garden Ange no longer in operation, we had to look for a new venue for our National Day Celebration. It was not easy to find something suitable that offers a nice setting at a reasonable rate. After careful consideration, we decided to try out the Yokohama Country and Athletic Club this year. The party is scheduled for Saturday, July 30 (save the date!).

I will of course continue offering nature walks in the beautiful surroundings of Kamakura, but I am not sure I can make it one more time before the rainy season and the summer heat.

Also, a “Year End Party” is in the making! The definite date is yet to be decided, but we are working together with the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry to offer a party in the “old” format with lots of fun and entertainment. There are some other ideas for activities that haven’t taken shape yet. We will keep you posted on developments.
So please stay tuned!